Your Personal Protection is our Priority

In this increasingly unpredictable and hostile world, what price do you place on peace of mind?

To know that whatever the eventuality, your safety, or that of your client or staff member is in the capable hands of a highly-qualified professional.

Platinum NI provides Prestige Personalised Travel throughout Ireland, an elite service with the added dimension of top-level security and medical support.

With 20-years experience in the international security industry, including the provision of Close Protection to leading government, corporate, and military personnel, guests in our chauffeur-driven six-seater Mercedes are guaranteed premium levels of style and safety. Our services also come with a proven track record.

What our customers have to say:

"Geoff is a highly-motivated and reliable colleague whose skills, dedication, and professionalism helped to implement the EU Election Assessment Team mission. I strongly recommend Geoffrey…"

Manuel Amarilla Mena

Security Advisor, European Union

Recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation for ‘Exemplary Service and Dedication to the J9 Directorate, United States Forces, Iraq’, Platinum NI’s diverse skill set includes High and Low Level Close Protection, Protection Security Detail (PSD), and risk assessment. Planning for public appearances and red-carpet events, route protection, even extending to the making travel arrangements and bookings, also ensures one point of contact for all travel and security needs.

Working for market leaders such as Hart International, Geoff has provided specialist security (including site security) for global companies including Shell Oil and Samsung. He has also conducted and co-ordinated security operations in support of journalists from Japan’s state broadcaster NHK, and is FPOS-I (First Person on Scene) and MIRA (Medicine in Remote Areas) qualified.

Such is Geoff’s integrity and ability that he has enjoyed top level security clearance from both the US and UK governments.

Platinum NI… the perfect vehicle to transport your VIPs comfortably, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

• S.A.C. Level 3 Diploma in Security Management
• FPOS-I Medic
• Public Order trained
• SIA (Security Industry Authority) License holder
• MIRA (Medicine in Remote Areas) Medic
• Certificate of Appreciation for Exemplary Service and Dedication, J9 Directorate, US Forces, Iraq

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